AI Lead Generation

Find high-quality leads for your business with powerful lead sourcing AI

AI lead lead generation dashboard

Automate The Entire Lead Generation Process

Vexia AI is super easy to use – you don’t need any technical skills or marketing experience. It provides access to powerful Lead Sourcing AI technology, making it a breeze to find high-quality B2B leads. The AI locates prospects and returns verified emails, phone numbers, and other details.

How It Works

Easily Deploy AI

To get started, simply enter details such as:

• Job Title
• Location
• Industry
• Team size

AI handles the rest for you.
No technical skills required.

Customer Details

Vexia AI returns high-quality leads along with the prospects contact information, including:

• Name
• Company name
• Email
• Phone number
• Social media profile

Close More Sales

Begin connecting and closing deals with your qualified leads through your own channels, or use Vexia’s pre-built automated outreach campaigns.

• Significantly Increase ROI
• Reduce Advertising Expenses
• Free Employee Resources
• Aggressively Scale

All-in-One AI Platform

We've changed the game for client acquisition

For the first time, digital agencies, local marketers, and entrepreneurs can compete with sophisticated corporations, and with their enormous ad spend budgets.

In a few clicks, Vexia AI pulls in hundreds of high-quality leads that are both relevant and interested in the product or service you offer

Let AI Do The Heavy Lifting

Finding & closing high Quality Leads has never been more simple

Effortlessly generate a flood of leads with just a click, as hundreds line up to purchase your products and services. Discover, nurture, and seamlessly close new clients, all from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Your have customers ready to buy, find them with AI

AI Finds Your Next Clients

Tell the AI your ideal buyer by choosing options like:

  • Job Title 
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Company Size

Then wait for the AI build your list

The Most Qualified Leads

Whether you want 1000 new leads or 100,000 verified emails and phone numbers, Vexia AI makes it simple.

Connect with the right sales prospects

Spend more time closing deals, and less time setting up ads and searching the web for your next paying customer.

Build laser-focused prospect lists

Struggling to find new customers?

We simplify lead generation for everyone. No technical skills or marketing experience needed.

Let AI locate your target buyers for you.

With a few clicks, leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to find fully qualified leads.

Keep your sales team busy and productive

Feed your sales team fresh leads every day. Use Vexia AI to quickly connect with your ideal customers through social media, email, and phone.

Scale your business

No more countless hours spent trying to find your next paying clients. Focus on selling and closing more deals.

Organize and close your leads with an AI CRM.

Easly track leads with pipeline management

Utilize our integrated Pipeline Management feature to monitor the progress and stages of your leads within the sales funnel.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Be one of the first in your industry to use this new technology to connect directly with your ideal customers.

Find the right audience

Hand-pick the right prospects using our advanced filters. Get valid emails, corporate information, and phone numbers in record time.

A steady stream of potential customers

Never run out of sales leads again. Vexia AI can be easily deployed in under 60 seconds and gets to work right away, identifying your target buyers.

Integrates with

Plans & Pricing

Find your next paying customers and automate the entire process, from lead generation to payment processing.

Founding Member

Aggressively scale and dominate your market
$ 297 Monthly
  • 500 Leads / month
  • Advanced Targeting Filters
  • Emails and phone numbers
  • Pre-Built Automations
  • Marketing Suite
Limited Time

Calls or SMS Messages incur additional costs. Phone numbers are charged at an additional monthly fee. Making Calls $0.021/min,  receiving calls $0.0128/min additional fees apply for the following premium services throughout the platform:  Premium triggers & Actions cost $0.02/action. $10 = 500 actions. Workflow AI costs $0.06/action. $10 = 165 prompts. $10 = 165 prompts. First 100 Free Content AI costs $0.18/1000 words and $0.12/image. $10 = 55,000 words . Email $0.14/email. $10 = 7, 145 emails. The Premium Services are entirely optional, providing an extra feature for users who want to use them. They’re not a required part of the core system.

Outperform lead gen experts, prospect with Vexia AI!